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We are Mwara and Bridget Stuart. We are a mother and daughter duo who live in the Scottish Borders. Mwara is a science teacher and Bridget is a psychology student at University of Oxford. We both love reading, walking, the arts and importantly, cooking. This blog is our 2020 New Years resolution. We have committed to cooking a meal from every country in the world, in alphabetical order from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, on a weekly basis. Come cook with us, as we travel the world, and learn about all the interesting and diverse cultures on our beautiful planet!



Our Most Recently ‘Visited’ Countries


COUNTRY Brunei Dishes Karipaps (curry pasties) *vegan Time  1 hour + 20 mins cooking Effort  6 Rough cost  £3 for 14 karipaps COUNTRY  Brunei Capital  Bandar Seri Begawan Population  459, 500 (175th largest) Land mass  5, 765 km2 (164th largest) Languages  Malay, English Religions 79% Islam (Sunni) FOOD FOR THOUGHT Brunei is a small countryContinue reading “BRUNEI”


COUNTRY Brazil Dishes Brazilian spare-ribs, Piri-Piri chicken, Acarje (vegan), Caipirinha, Queijo, Brazilian potato salad, crunchy salad Time  2.5 hours Effort  7 Rough cost  £20 COUNTRY  Brazil Capital  Brasilia Population  210, 147, 125 (6th largest) Land mass  8, 515, 767 km2 (5th largest) Languages  Portuguese Religions 65% Catholic, 22% Protestant FOOD FOR THOUGHT We really wentContinue reading “BRAZIL”


COUNTRY Botswana Dishes Seswaa, Malva pudding Time  1 hour total Effort  4/10 Rough cost  £10 (using v good quality beef) COUNTRY  Botswana Capital  Gaborone Population  2, 254,000 (145th largest) Land mass  581, 730 km2 (47th largest) Languages  English, Setswana Religions 73% Christian FOOD FOR THOUGHT Botswana is a land-locked nation, bordering South Africa. It gainedContinue reading “BOTSWANA”


COUNTRY Bosnia + Herzegovina Dishes Vegan Burek, Tufahije Time  1 hour Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  Bosnia + Herzegovina Capital  Sarajevo Population  3, 301, 300 Land mass  51, 129 km2 Languages  Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian Religions no state recognised religion, but Islam is largest FOOD FOR THOUGHT Hello! This week we ‘visited’ Bosnia + Herzegovina.Continue reading “BOSNIA + HERZEGOVINA”


COUNTRY Bolivia Dishes Papas a La Huancaina Time  30 minutes Effort  4/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  Bolivia Capital  La Paz (legislative), Sucre (judicial) Population  11, 469, 896 (82nd largest) Land mass  1, 098, 581 km2 (27th largest) Languages  Spanish (+ 33 other official languages!) Religions n/a FOOD FOR THOUGHT Bolivia is a land-locked country inContinue reading “BOLIVIA”

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