COUNTRY Angola Dishes Kizaka, Funge, Chicken Muamba, Cornmeal mash Time  1.30 hours for everything Effort  5 Rough cost  £10 in total COUNTRY  Angola Capital  Luanda Population  25, 789, 024 Land mass  1, 246, 700 km2 (22nd largest) Languages  Portuguese (official) Religions Roman Catholic THOUGHTS There is still strong evidence of Angola’s Portuguese history in theContinue reading “ANGOLA”


COUNTRY Andorra Dishes Trinxat, Truites de Carreroles (Mushroom Omelette) Time  1 hour for each Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  Principality of Andorra Capital  Andorra la Vella Population  76,177 (11th smallest) Land mass  467 km2 (16th smallest) Languages  Catalan (official) Religions Roman Catholicism Andorra is sovereign landlocked micro state on the Iberian Peninsula, in the easternContinue reading “ANDORRA”


COUNTRY Algeria Dishes Harira, Algerian Pizza, Traditional Couscous + Chtitha Batata (Potato Stew) Time  1 hour per dish Effort  6 Rough cost  £5 per dish COUNTRY  Algeria Capital  Algiers Population  42,200,000 Land mass  2,381,741 (10th largest) Languages  Arabic (official), French Religions Islam Introduction Algerian week was just delicious. Full of colour, root vegetables and spices.Continue reading “ALGERIA”


COUNTRY Albania Dishes Tave Kosi, Perime Zgare, Baklava, Sheqerpare Time  3 hours Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £18 COUNTRY  Albania Capital  Tirana Population  2, 876, 591 Land mass  28, 748 km2 (140th largest) Languages  Albanian (also greek, Aromanian, Macedonian) Religions most commonly practised is Islam, followed by christianity HISTORY Tave Kosi: apparently cooks were marinating lambContinue reading “ALBANIA”


COUNTRY Afghanistan  Dishes Bolani, Pulao  Time  3 hours  Effort  7/10 Rough cost  £8 (not including spices + oil) *but most of stuff you will have  COUNTRY  Afghanistan  Capital  Kabul  Population  32, 225, 560 (44th largest)  Land mass  652,230 km2 (40th largest) Languages  Pashtun (60%), Dari (40%) Religions Muslim (99.7%) HISTORY Kabuli Pulao was created by the upper classContinue reading “AFGHANISTAN”