Country BURUNDI Recipes Ibiharage Time 20 minutes Effort 2/10 Cost £1 Country BURUNDI Capital Gitega Population 11,865,821 (84th largest) Area 27,834 km2 (142nd largest) Language Kirundi, French, English Religion 91% Christianity FOOD FOR THOUGHT Burundi is another land-locked West African country, formerly a French (Belgian) colony. In fact, Germany and Belgium ruled Rwanda and BurundiContinue reading “BURUNDI”


COUNTRY Bulgaria Dishes Kebapcheta, Lutenica, Shopska Salata, Tikvenik Time  2 hours Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £12 COUNTRY  Bulgaria Capital  Sofia Population  6,951,483 (107th largest) Land mass  110,993 km2 (103rd largest) Languages  Bulgarian Religions no national religion FOOD FOR THOUGHT This week we were in Bulgaria – a beautiful country in South-Eastern Europe. We made quiteContinue reading “BULGARIA”


COUNTRY Brazil Dishes Brazilian spare-ribs, Piri-Piri chicken, Acarje (vegan), Caipirinha, Queijo, Brazilian potato salad, crunchy salad Time  2.5 hours Effort  7 Rough cost  £20 COUNTRY  Brazil Capital  Brasilia Population  210, 147, 125 (6th largest) Land mass  8, 515, 767 km2 (5th largest) Languages  Portuguese Religions 65% Catholic, 22% Protestant FOOD FOR THOUGHT We really wentContinue reading “BRAZIL”


COUNTRY Botswana Dishes Seswaa, Malva pudding Time  1 hour total Effort  4/10 Rough cost  £10 (using v good quality beef) COUNTRY  Botswana Capital  Gaborone Population  2, 254,000 (145th largest) Land mass  581, 730 km2 (47th largest) Languages  English, Setswana Religions 73% Christian FOOD FOR THOUGHT Botswana is a land-locked nation, bordering South Africa. It gainedContinue reading “BOTSWANA”


COUNTRY Bosnia + Herzegovina Dishes Vegan Burek, Tufahije Time  1 hour Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  Bosnia + Herzegovina Capital  Sarajevo Population  3, 301, 300 Land mass  51, 129 km2 Languages  Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian Religions no state recognised religion, but Islam is largest FOOD FOR THOUGHT Hello! This week we ‘visited’ Bosnia + Herzegovina.Continue reading “BOSNIA + HERZEGOVINA”


COUNTRY Bhutan Dishes Ema Datshi, Shamu Datshi Time  45 minutes Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  Bhutan Capital  Thimpu Population  741, 700 Land mass  38, 394 km2 Languages  Dzongkha Religions Varjrayana Buddhism FOOD FOR THOUGHT Bhutan is a land-locked country in South Asia, bordered by Tibet, China and India. Bhutan has actually never been colonisedContinue reading “BHUTAN”


Country Belize Dishes Rice + Beans, Red Recado spiced Chicken Effort  6.5/10 Rough cost  £15 (inc. organic chicken) COUNTRY  Belize Capital  Belmopan Population  408, 487 Land mass  22, 966 km2 (147th) Languages  English (6 others!) Religions 73% Christian FOOD FOR THOUGHT Happy week whatever-the-number! We hope you are all safe and well in lockdown. ThisContinue reading “BELIZE”