COUNTRY EGYPT Dishes Koshari Time  1 hr Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £6 COUNTRY  EGYPT Capital  Cairo Population  100,075,480 (13th largest) Land mass  1,010,408 km2 (29th largest) Languages  Egyptian Arabic Religions Islam (state religion) FOOD FOR THOUGHT Egypt is a transcontinental country, spanning both north-east Africa and south-west Asia via the land bridge of the SinaiContinue reading “EGYPT”


COUNTRY ECUADOR Dishes Llapingachos *vegan option, tomato + onion curtido, aji criollo Time  1.30 hours Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £4 COUNTRY  ECUADOR Capital  Quito Population 17,084,358 (67th largest) Land mass  283,561 km2 (73rd largest) Languages  Spanish (official), Kichwa + Shaur (official indigenous) Religions 93% Christian (80% Catholic) FOOD FOR THOUGHT The 1st of the ‘Es’Continue reading “ECUADOR”