COUNTRY GHANA Dishes Kychinga kebabs with suya spice Time  1 hr Effort  4/10 Rough cost  £3 COUNTRY  GHANA Capital  Accra Population  31,072,940 (47th largest) Land mass  239,567 km2 (80th largest) Languages  English (official), 10 recognised Religions 71% Christian FOOD FOR THOUGHT Ghana is a West African country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Ivory Coast, BurkinaContinue reading “GHANA”


COUNTRY GERMANY Dishes Kartoffelpuffer, Griessbrei, Senfeier, German Potato Salad Time  2 hours Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £10 COUNTRY  GERMANY Capital  Berlin Population  83,190,556 (18th largest) Land mass  357,022 km2 (63rd largest) Languages  German Religions n/a FOOD FOR THOUGHT Germany is a large Central European country – the second most populated country in Europe. The regionContinue reading “GERMANY”


COUNTRY GEORGIA Dishes Lobio, Pkhali Time  1.30 hrs Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  GEORGIA Capital  Tbilisi Population  3,716,858 (131st largest) Land mass  69,700 km2 (119th largest) Languages  Georgian, Abkhaian Religions 88% Christianity FOOD FOR THOUGHT Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region, sandwiched between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and bordered to theContinue reading “GEORGIA”


COUNTRY The Gambia Dishes Domada Time  1 hr Effort  4/10 Rough cost  £3 COUNTRY  The Gambia Capital  Banjul Population  2,173,999 (144th largest) Land mass  10,689 km2 (74th largest) Languages  English (official), lots of National languages Religions n/a FOOD FOR THOUGHT The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa and is in West Africa, surroundedContinue reading “(The) GAMBIA”


COUNTRY GABON Dishes Gabonese Mustard Chicken Time  1.30 hrs Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £4 COUNTRY  GABON Capital  Libreville Population  2,119,275 (146th largest) Land mass  267,667 km2 (76th largest) Languages  French Religions 82% Christianity, 10% Islam FOOD FOR THOUGHT Gabon – officially the Gabonese Republic – is a country on the west coast of Central AfricaContinue reading “GABON”