COUNTRY HUNGARY Dishes Goulash: traditional + vegan Time  1.5 hrs Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  HUNGARY Capital  Budapest Population  9,730,000 (91st largest) Land mass  93,030 km2 (108th largest) Languages  Hungarian Religions 54% Christianity FOOD FOR THOUGHT Hungary is a land-locked Central European country composed mainly of ethnic Hungarians and a Romani minority. The nationContinue reading “HUNGARY”


COUNTRY HONDURAS Dishes Baleadas, Homemade Refried beans, Ponche de Pina, Mango Avocado Salsa (all vegan) Time  1.30 hrs Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £10 COUNTRY  HONDURAS Capital  Tegucigalpa Population  9,587,522 (95th largest) Land mass  112,492 km2 (101st largest) Languages  Spanish Religions 87% Christianity FOOD FOR THOUGHT Honduras is a Central American country bordered to the northContinue reading “HONDURAS”


COUNTRY HAITI Dishes Mayi Moulen, Pain de Mais Time  Effort  Rough cost  COUNTRY  HAITI Capital  Port-au-Prince Population  11,439,646 (85th largest) Land mass  27,750 km2 (143rd largest) Languages  French + Haitian Creole (official) Religions 86.9% Christianity FOOD FOR THOUGHT The first of the H’s is Haiti, a country located on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola inContinue reading “HAITI”