COUNTRY GABON Dishes Gabonese Mustard Chicken Time  1.30 hrs Effort  5/10 Rough cost  £4 COUNTRY  GABON Capital  Libreville Population  2,119,275 (146th largest) Land mass  267,667 km2 (76th largest) Languages  French Religions 82% Christianity, 10% Islam FOOD FOR THOUGHT Gabon – officially the Gabonese Republic – is a country on the west coast of Central AfricaContinue reading “GABON”


COUNTRY FINLAND Dishes Rosolli, Mustikkapiirakka, Pulla Time  1 hour Effort  6/10 Rough cost  £5 COUNTRY  FINLAND Capital  Helsinki Population 5,536,146 (166th largest) Land mass  338, 455 km2 (65th largest) Languages  Finnish, Swedish (recognised languages: Sami, Kalo, Karelian, et al.) Religions 70% Christian FOOD FOR THOUGHT Finland is a Nordic country and shares borders with Sweden,Continue reading “FINLAND”